A unique music platform
for independent artists

Mostrodarte is an all-in-one music platform integrating streaming, sales of music, merchandise and NFTs, and crowdfunding of artists’ projects.


The Platform

Mostrodarte offers independent artists core services at great returns.


Subscribers get Mostro
for streaming. Artists get paid for listens.

The Mostro Token

Get Mostro tokens to redeem for NFTs and exclusive merchandise.


Participate in your favorite artists’ new projects.

Our mission

The mission of Mostrodarte is to maximize artists’ revenues from streaming, sales and crowdfunding, while making the user experience fun and rewarding.

Join the list

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Join our exclusive list today and be a part of Mostrodarte.

Fun for fans

Music fans who become subscribers of Mostrodarte earn Mostro, the token of the platform, while streaming music from their favorite independent artists.

Fun for fans

Mostro can be redeemed for NFTs and exclusive merchandise available only on Mostrodarte.

Fun for fans

Subscribers bring artists’ visions to life by crowdfunding their next great project, whether it’s a new album, a designer collaboration, a metaverse experience, and beyond.

Meet Mo

Mostrodarte means «Art Monster» in Italian, so naturally, our mascot is Mo, the friendly monster. Mo is pleased to meet you too.

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